Hard Work Beats Talent – ANYONE Can Win! (Motivational Video)

Many people are conditioned to believe they are a product of their circumstance. They believe if they are not born into riches, they will never be rich. If they are not born great, they can never become great. But anyone with an internet connection would be able to quickly find many stories of massively successful individuals that created their success through seemingly impossible circumstances. When will you write your own story of success?

Hard Work Beats Talent – ANYONE Can Win! (Motivational Video)

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Top 7 *BEST SINGERS* On Talent Shows in The WORLD 2018

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Top 7 *BEST SINGERS* On Talent Shows in The WORLD 2018

7. Daniel Emmet – Passera
6. Calum Courtney – Who’s Loving You
5. Joseph O’Brien – Hello
4. Lloyd Macey – Lay Me Down
3. Mafarikha – Hero
2. Miss Powers – This Is A Man’s World
1. Natalie Ong – The Voice Within

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Murc Jones hip hop Music Top


At the early age of 12 Murc Jones made the decision of making hip hop his #1 priority. This artists name is Cary Edwards and in this brief summary I will be stating facts and tell you about him, and the history of him as an artist. It all started in the 5th grade in the back of his math class he states ” I will never forget”. He was writing songs into his notebook, when all of a sudden he had gotten caught by the teacher and he took my verse off my desk and read it in front of the whole class” is what he stated. He felt so embarassed,and from that moment on he knew that hip hop and himself had a bond that couldn’t be broken. Moreover from there on… he kept on rapping eventually till he turned the age of 29. From New Jersey born in Livingston, raised in Newark, lived in Irvington, and Woodbridge but Murc represents all areas of New Jersey. He also lived in New York for a year or two. ”It’s not where your from its where you’re at” is what he stated. Murc also has 2 daughters ages 6 and 8. But he has performed at a couple of areas in New Jersey and one in New York. Murc has performed at an open mics at ‘’Cagneys’’ in Sayereville, ‘’Fire N Ice’’ in Fords, and most recently Public Assembly in Brooklyn NY, he is also looking for many more to come. In high school his mic name was Murder Murc, and as his style had diversified and progressed he had fans drop the murder from his name and changed it to Murc Jones. He felt that the name murder couldn’t be used unless you truly are a murderer and that he is not. So In that case the murder had to go, ‘’out with the old and in with the new’’ he quoted. So to conclude paragraph two, Jones was added to the Murc to represent the change of himself as an artist. The reason fellow artists and fans called him murder murc was because he used to diss alot of other artist and truly was never beaten, not to be cocky because he is a really humble and down to earth person. When Cary first became Murc it was a name that he felt he had to take on as a new artist on the scene.

Alot Of People Proclaimed and state that since he didn’t know anyone in the hip hop game personally he was never going to make it in the music industry and break as a new artist. So from that moment on Murc made it my mission to keep making mixtapes and songs until major record labels noticed him. All I can say is that this young man will not stop until he reaches the top. What Even Inspired him to join the rap game and hip hop scene was all the lyrical artists, I will only be naming a few. Notorious B.I.G, 2 Pac, NAS, KRS One, Eminem,Cassidy, Fabolous, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Method Man, Jadakiss, Styles P, and so many more” says Murc Jones.His Favorite rapper overall is Cassidy, his favorite new artist is J Cole and himself. Ever since Cary was young he always liked the way just a rapper could express his or her feelings or emotions and just convert it into a track…he feels that is truly amazing. Moreover that is what inspired him as a rap artist, which caused him to create and develop his own style. So in conclusion to this brief biography of Murc Jones that is everything that made the history of his rap career. No matter what anyone says everyone is destined for success it’s just based on however you go about the situation and if we put our minds to it or not. Hard work pays off, patience is a virtue, and greatness is a decision.

Instagram – @murcjonesnj
Facebook – Murc Jones
Twitter – @murcjones
Website – Murcjones.com

Spotify –

Itunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/murc-jones/404894666
Soundcloud – https://m.soundcloud.com/murcjones
Audiomack- https://audiomack.com/album/murc15/man-with-a-message-remastered

Best Pop Music – Top Pop Hits Playlist Updated Weekly 2018 – The Best Songs Of Spotify 2018

Best Pop Music – Top Pop Hits Playlist Updated Weekly 2018 – The Best Songs Of Spotify 2018
Best Pop Music – Top Pop Hits Playlist Updated Weekly 2018 – The Best Songs Of Spotify 2018
Best Pop Music – Top Pop Hits Playlist Updated Weekly 2018 – The Best Songs Of Spotify 2018

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Best Electro House Music Mix 🔥 24/7 Live Stream Music Mix 🔥 Best Remixes Of Popular Songs 2019

Best Electro House Music Mix 🔥 24/7 Live Stream Music Mix 🔥 Best Remixes Of Popular Songs 2019

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Dave Shapiro: The Life of a Booking Agent

Dave Shapiro talks to CreativeLive about how an agent books tours for a band.

Dave has over 40 bands on his roster which include: A Day to Remember, Of Mice & Men, The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandra, and so many more.

In this video, Dave explains in detail how agents route tours regionally and nationally, negotiate guarantees, what a radius clause is and how to develop a band’s following in each market with local and national support.

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Top 10 Most UNFORGETTABLE Singing Auditions ALL TIME

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