2018 Little League World Series funny intros | ESPN

These little leaguers have fun with their introductions at the 2018 Little League World Series regionals on ESPN. Featuring some funny kids, including Big Al Delia, who hits dingers.

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A Millennial Response to "The Truth About Popular Culture" (2/2)

Part two of my response to Paul Joseph Watson, a.k.a. THE HOPSIN RANT

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2018 Top 10 Best Auditions on Got Talent World!

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10. Courtney Hadwin – Hard To Handle 00:24
9. Donchez – Wiggle and Wine 01:54
8. Jeffrey Li – You Raise Me Up 04:25
7. Marc Spelmann – Magician 06:37
6. Jony Ramos – Thinking Out Loud 12:09
5. Matt Johnson – Holding Breath 14:10
4. The Sacred Riana – Terrifying Magician 17:42
3. Shado – Thief 21:13
2. Paula Jivén – Billie Jean 24:57
1. Dakota & Nadia – Dance Against Domestic Violence 26:55

2018 Top 10 Best Auditions on Got Talent World!

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Hey Chiko Open Talent Contest: Mikee Samson sings Akap (Imago)

For her video entry, Mikee took the OPM route and covered Akap by Imago.

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– Joana

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Music: Akap – Imago

Canadian Girl Tara Jamieson AMAZES With A Flawless Performance! | Ireland's Got Talent 2019

#Full Segment | Ireland´s Got Talent Auditions – Series 2 Episode 6
Tara Jamieson blows the judges away with her pitch perfect performance.

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♫ Outro Song: Macklemore – Same Love



Ireland´s Got Talent follows the greatest talents from across Ireland and around the world and invites them to compete in the biggest talent competition format in the world.

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