Nice Cant Ride With Me By SKVD Rock Song

Going through daily activities feels empty without listening to music or favorite songs at all.

Of the millions of songs available, there must be some of your favorite songs regardless of genre and origin, one of them is a domestic rap song, such as the song Cant Ride With Me which is sung by SKVD Rock.

Cant Ride With Me song is highly recommended by song observers from developed countries.
Please watch the following video to enjoy a song from SKVD Rock titled Cant Ride With Me

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Cant Ride With Me, by: Skvd Rock
filmed and edited by: High Priest

Great Prophety Soundworks Play Sun Shine Song

Prophety Soundworks has a pretty good Acoustic music called Sun Shine. The hallmark of this music is technically a distinctive musical arrangement with a guitar melody with an echo effect combined with a synthesizer. The soft and breathy vocal sound is also one of the elements that characterizes the Sun Shine song.

If the alternative and psychedelic rock genres have an absurd character that is loud and gloomy, this Sun Shine song has the color of acoustic music that is “brighter” and happier. Listening to accoustic music will make you feel like you are in a dreamland or utopia with flowers and bright spring.

Prophety Soundworks-Sun Shine
Siehe Anhang

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Top The Legend Song from Jay-M

Going through daily activities feels empty without listening to music or favorite songs at all.

Who doesn’t like listening to music? Almost all humans like this one thing. And one of the most popular types of music is a song from Jay-M called The Legend.

The song titled The Legend is much in demand by people because it is easy-listening and easy to follow.

The Legend (Official Video)

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Artist: Jay-M


Great Filthy Habit Song By Samsara Band

Artist Name:Samsara
Song Name:Filthy Habit

Comprised of local New Yorkers from Queens and Long Island:

Dylan Trif (Lead Vocals), Charlie LoMonaco (Guitar and BackGround Vocals), John Devito ( Bass), Ben Bustamante (Drums and Background Vocals), Brendan Sandhovel ( Bass, Rhythm Guitar)

Charlie, Ben and John began playing music together at an early age through a local music school. Years later they connected with Dylan and Brendan and formed what is now Samsara.

Growing up on all things music, Samsara draws influence from several styles including, grunge, blues, funk, metal and alternative.

The teens of Samsara write their own music and offer a sound that is far beyond their years. They impress both the young and older crowds with their new and fresh rock tunes. Their songs are current and great to sing along to with their catchy melodies and rocking beats.

Currently performing at clubs and music venues on the Long Island and New York City music scene, while also playing music venues in the tristate area. Follow SAMSARA on their social media to stay tuned to all upcoming gigs and lookout for their EP in the upcoming months.

Nice Caesare’ Luv Muscle Song Music

Artist Name: Caesare’
Song Name:Luv Muscle
Artist From Texas

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Caesare’ an r&b soul up and coming Dallas, Texas artist releases another smash hit single titled “Luv Muscle“ from his up and coming album “perfect stranger”

Perfect Song Show and Prove Caesare Music

artist name – Caesare’
song – Show and Prove
state – Texas
year of song – 2019

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Bio – Caesare’ not new to music, after a failed development deal, decided to put focus into a career of real estate and grabbed the alter ego of Escrow Ray by peers. Now decided to put focus back into the passion of music. As a singer, writer and composer it made it quite simple to pic up where he left off with the up and coming album ” The Perfect Stranger” set to heat up the winter season. Caesare’ has released two singles ” Luv Muscle” and “Show and Prove” which has been getting some digital attention thus far. Stay Tuned!

Popular Music By Ming STINKY FEET Album


Songwriters: Ming / Ben Cohen
Produced by: Ben Cohen

There’s something keeping me questioning, talking
I laugh as if doom is coming and make it sound like an ending
There’s something pushing me doubting, and leading
I respond as if the story’s still going and make it sound like I am just kidding

I love myself more than anybody
I love myself more than anybody
A freak of nature and you don’t know me
I know myself more than anybody

There’s something teaching me, “Don’t depend on nobody.”
I try as if I know all the ending and wait until the walls are bending
There’s something watching me, but I’m the one who oversees
Embrace myself the way I expected and make it seem like I needed somebody

I love myself more than anybody
I love myself more than anybody
A freak of nature and you don’t know me
I know myself more than anybody


I love myself more than anybody
I love myself more than anybody
A freak of nature and you don’t know me
I know myself more than anybody

Amazing TATTOO$ – N- WAR WOUND$ ChanDon Papi 23

Artist Name:ChanDon Papi 23
Kentucky/ OHIO

ChanDon Papi 23 is originally from Louisville Kentucky and grew up in the Victory Park neighborhood of the West End. Becoming inspired by those who overcame adversity within his community he chose to articulate that vision through music and motivational speaking. With roots in Atlanta GA, Austin TX, Cleveland OH, Akron OH, as well as Nashville/ Clarksville Tennessee Victory Lyfe Music Group was born. Victory Lyfe Music Group specializes in intelligent street music. Music for those who choose to be great. “Motivate, Uplift, and Inspire Greatness.”

Hip Hop In The Ville Nashville Tennessee, Street Credit DVD Louisville Kentucky, Tennessee Music Awards TMA’s.

Hip Hop Tragically Magic Song

Artist name & Page Title
Tragically Magic and Rid Radio

Song Name
OuR CoLor YouR PlaCe

Tragically Magic is a new and upcoming artist in the Hip Hop genre. Born in Massachusetts, he grew up on Cape Cod and has been writing songs since the age of 12. With a drive to thank the ones around him that has been there since day 1, he began recording and aims to also give a message to others to stay true to themselves and strive to be what they want to be.

Nice UziMatic new music video called Family

Artist & Page name title: UziMatic

UziMatic is an independent rapper coming from the Caribbean. UziMatic name comes from the ability to shoot and record fast in the studio and wasting no time. He is not a machine gun but a rap machine hence the name UziMatic. Born March 1st 1989 in Curaçao, UziMatic is a product of his environment and even though he is from a small island his big dream is worldwide success with music.”

UziMatic just released a new music video called Family from his EP 5Triple9. The track Family is a track close to his heart as he speaks about the love he has for his Family.