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DJ Opulent
Winner Takes All

Illinois – Chicago

DJ Opulent hails from the Windy City – Chicago. Born, raised and representing Chicago in a positive WAY.

Awesome Carlon song Neva Switched Music

Carlon-Neva Switched
Kansas City, MISSOURI

An independent artist coming out of Kansas City, Missouri that goes by Carlon. My rap name is my middle name but what makes it unique and creative is my parents put their mother’s names (Carla and Carolyn) together and came up with my middle name which is Carlon. After years of procrastinating I am finally going after what I love doing. When it comes to my music, I write all of my music. I come up with my music by speaking my truths and telling my stories.

I am putting everything I have into this music so this has to work. When it comes to my style of music, I think of Lil Wayne when he says and I quote, “Got so many styles, I am a group!”

Although I fall more into the gangster rap category, my favorite style of music that I do is melodic music. Every since a child, growing up to R.Kelly, Ginuwine, Lloyd, Lyfe Jennings, etc, I always wanted to sing and because of that, I developed the talent to open my vocals enough to stay in my rap lane, but also show a different side. With that being said, I don’t define myself as a rapper, I define myself as an artist.

My favorite rap artist is my brother Dre Youngn. He is one of the biggest rappers in Kansas City. He is currently going through a personal situation through the courts so until he comes home, I’m putting our team on my back. There is so much I want to say, but I rather people tune in to my music and stay up to date with me through my social media’s to get to know me more and also understand me.

I have a lot of mouths to feed. I am not just doing this music for myself, but for a lot of people around me. Musically, my favorite hip hop idols are Master P and Young Dolph. Both independent Black Americans that put their team on there back and took them to the top. Seeing people come from where you are from gives you that extra motivation that we all may lack.

I was recently asked who were my top 5, dead or alive. ​Most people would name rappers that they never played everyday all day, they would name rappers that they think people around them would say. We are all entitled to our own top 5. That is what makes the conversation beautiful within itself. Personally, I don’t have a top 5. A lot of artists do a lot to change the game and open the doors for artists like myself, but I can say, currently my favorite artists are Dre Youngn, Lil Wayne, NBA Youngboy, and Lil Baby.

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Favorite Artist Song Name OG PVRP SCVT

Artist Name // SCVTRX
Artist Song Name // OG PVRP SCVT

Hello So 4 years ago now, wow time flys. this is when I started my journey I went and bought some pioneer decks The XDJ R1 with a dream and a intention to one day be like skrillex my idol. I have always wanted to travel the world and play in front of massive crowds and playing my music which I’m so passionate about and love so much

Then 3 years ago I met my ex partner which really didn’t stop anything but she wasn’t the most supportive, but I still managed do jump the decks for 1 hours everyday and still do till this day

Then she basically left me and I was probably in one of the worst places I had been in my entire life. so I work in sales normally then both jobs I had at the time went into liquidation

So this year when I turned 25 and decided it was now or never because when I’m 36 I can’t just become a DJ so I thought this year 2019 I would give everything I had to make this happen and if I did amazing but if i didn’t adleast gave it a red hot crack.

all those vids that I post to my insta and Facebook pages which you might have already watched or seen so what I do is come up with all the switch’s then I create a mix around them so like my new mix I just finished which ill send to you guys is all the vids in one so I make a set around all the switch’s and I come up with them like all the ones on my page and make a mix around the switch’s. it if that makes Sence.

this really is the only thing in my life that actually makes me happy is when I’m mixing this my passion and has been my whole life ❤️ im self taught and I have my own style which no else I have seen has

I know I have alot to offer and believe this is where I ment to be & would love to be with agency

“Wall Street Approved” by Savya Worldwide music best

Music has always fascinated people in every era – irrespective of their gender, age and ethnicity. Since it does not have any language, speakers of every language can listen to it. If we take a closer look at the growth of the music industry, we will learn that while every industry sees a stead growth, music industry has changed drastically over time. There is a lot of difference between what we used to hear before and what we hear today.

Amazing Music video by Savya Worldwide performing Wall Street Approved. (C) 2019 Mugen Music

“Wall Street Approved” by Savya Worldwide

Over 100,000 streams on major streaming sites and counting

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Amazing TATTOO$ – N- WAR WOUND$ ChanDon Papi 23

Artist Name:ChanDon Papi 23
Kentucky/ OHIO

ChanDon Papi 23 is originally from Louisville Kentucky and grew up in the Victory Park neighborhood of the West End. Becoming inspired by those who overcame adversity within his community he chose to articulate that vision through music and motivational speaking. With roots in Atlanta GA, Austin TX, Cleveland OH, Akron OH, as well as Nashville/ Clarksville Tennessee Victory Lyfe Music Group was born. Victory Lyfe Music Group specializes in intelligent street music. Music for those who choose to be great. “Motivate, Uplift, and Inspire Greatness.”

Hip Hop In The Ville Nashville Tennessee, Street Credit DVD Louisville Kentucky, Tennessee Music Awards TMA’s.

Nice ShaTTered Vicious Song Music

Artist Name: ShaTTered
Song Title: Vicious

I’m a 21 year old producer from Salt Lake City. Music is my passion and I appreciate everyone that supports it. I love long walks on the beach and sick wubs!
Music Genre: Dubstep/Riddim

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Artist A Y Museek Music Song Cool

Artist Name: A Y Museek
Song Name: Can’t take my Joy

Born in London, A Y Museek was raised, from the age of 6 months, in Nigeria, his parents’ native country. It was there that he first began performing the music that today plays such a central role in his life and inspired the young A Y (then plain Ayo Ogunya) to join a church choir. He was just 15, but his talent was obvious to anyone who heard him. A close friend, himself a talented musician, offered to help Ayo develop his singing skills. He gratefully grabbed the opportunity with both hands and, as a result, Ayo’s talent blossomed and he was soon performing with a local Gospel band.

By the time he was 24, Ayo was back in London, where he immediately joined a local church. Soon, Ayo was entertaining the public, and evangelising his faith, by participating in regular church choir concerts and street performances. By now, certain of what he wanted to do with the rest of his life, Ayo had begun to write and record his own songs, and had adopted a stage name, A Y Museek – a signature that combined a simplification of his first name (Ayo) with a play on words that perfectly captured the inspiring force behind the artist’s creative drive: music as a means of seeking God.

While his early work was heavily influenced by the Grammy-nominated Gospel band, Commissioned, both because of their inimitably joyful sound and their clear passion for their art, AY Museek’s more recent songs bear the unique hallmark of his individual talent. And it is a talent that could easily set the world of Christian R&B alight. Following the YouTube release of songs such as Power and Higher, A Y Museek’s Can’t Take my Joy will be released on 6th September 2019, produced by Ian Green. Judging by extremely encouraging early feedback (“. . . a very commercial
song. . .” [ABN Radio]; “. . . a good, hooky chorus . . .” [Premier Radio]), it is a track which could easily be the start of even greater things to come.